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The choice of the professionals

The versatile software developed by Anygraaf's personnel has altogether over 200 customers in Finland: newspapers varying from small local papers to newspapers with more than one hundred editors, printing offices, news agencies, image agencies and book publishers.

Customer oriented

Anygraaf views clients not as customers, but as partners. We define our success as the sum of our customers’. That’s why we take the time to listen to our customers and work with them to develop the tools they need to effectively meet their needs. We don’t build what we think is the best solution, we build what our customers tell us is the best solution to do their work.

Experience in system development

The team responsible for the development of Anygraaf products offers more than 20 years of experience producing solutions for the publishing industries. Today, more than 15,000 users of Anygraaf’s content and financial management systems are at work meeting their organizations’ publishing needs throughout Europe and North America.

Finnish Publisher Plans Migration to Anygraaf’s Next Generation CMS

Finnish publisher, Marva Media, has selected Neo by Anygraaf to fulfill its CMS needs.

Already a user of Anygraaf’s Doris CMS since 2004, Marva Media chose to migrate to Anygraaf’s next generation CMS because Neo will allow the publisher to both take advantage of the digital, multi-channel publishing tools for its traditional products and utilize new features that will allow it to seamlessly integrate its e-business products into a common system as well. Neo will also allow for the group’s radio station, Radio Ramona, to be more closely integrated into the overall editorial process.

“The need for product and process improvements [in the operations] prompted our system search and Neo was found to support Marva Media's strategic goals very efficiently,” said Marva Media´s development manager, Lauri Tuomola.

Marva Media publishes the daily newspaper, Länsi-Suomi which serves areas in western Finland and is part of the Marva Group, which also owns the following companies: KirjapainoWest Point (Print House), Satatuote (packaging manufacturer), Rauman Suorajakelu (Direct Distribution Company), Radio Ramona, the city journal Uusi Rauma and the online magazine

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