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The choice of the professionals

The versatile software developed by Anygraaf's personnel has altogether over 200 customers in Finland: newspapers varying from small local papers to newspapers with more than one hundred editors, printing offices, news agencies, image agencies and book publishers.

Customer oriented

Anygraaf views clients not as customers, but as partners. We define our success as the sum of our customers’. That’s why we take the time to listen to our customers and work with them to develop the tools they need to effectively meet their needs. We don’t build what we think is the best solution, we build what our customers tell us is the best solution to do their work.

Experience in system development

The team responsible for the development of Anygraaf products offers more than 20 years of experience producing solutions for the publishing industries. Today, more than 15,000 users of Anygraaf’s content and financial management systems are at work meeting their organizations’ publishing needs throughout Europe and North America.

Four of Nine Regional Papers use Neo by Anygraaf– Over 500,000 readers reached with Neo-produced publications

Finnish newspapers Karjalainen, Keskisuomalainen, Savon Sanomat and Etelä-Suomen Sanomat have all implemented Anygraaf’s Neo publishing system within the past year. The final newspaper to begin publishing using Neo was Savon Sanomat; its first Neo-produced edition was the January 18, 2012 issue.

One of the key reasons behind the software installation at all four publications was to enhance the cooperation and collaboration between the so-called “Nelikko” publications. Chief Editor of Karjalainen, Pasi Koivumaa, says that “cooperation between Nelikko tightens with the new publishing system and appearance. Alterations to pages will now be easier than ever before.” Koivumaa continues, “Neo combines the design and publishing systems which had previously been separate. This brings together the editing and design processes, which is an excellent thing.”


The Neo publishing system is a framework for the control and management of the editorial enterprise. Content for all channels can be produced within the same editor, allowing users to easily combine material into packages for distribution to multiple platforms. “The multichanneling capabilites within Neo provide a great opportunity, as long as we make the most of it. Since we produce content for multiple channels all the time, distribution should be as easy and effortless as possible.” states Koivumaa.

All of the editorial information and stages have been combined in a single console within Neo; however, the program looks different for each user depending upon his or her role. Different stages require different views and functions and now they can all be provided by a single system. One user can have several roles (i.e. editor, editorial assistant, etc.) as well as a desktop environment associated with each role.

Content planning can begin long before writing and photography begin as all pertinent information can be entered into Neo, thus providing ample background information for the author. Editorial staff can easily view and control how each issue is progressing, thereby keeping the publication on time and within budget. Resource allocation and scheduling are included in the basic Neo package. Long-term planning as well as project assignment are handled within Neo, adding another level of information available within the system for each project.

Combining workflows, training, redesign and initialization of the system at four publications required a huge effort by everyone involved. “The initialization process proceeded without any major problems. Each time a system is changed, there are always small issues, but anything like that was very minor and quickly corrected” says Koivumaa.


Keskisuomalainen is the fifth largest newspaper in Finland. It reaches approximately 266,000 readers in Central Finland via its print and electronic versions. Keskisuomalainen is the oldest Finnish newspaper in continuous publication and will celebrate its 141st anniversary in 2012. The publication is part of the Keskisuomalainen Oy Group.

Savon Sanomat

Savon Sanomat is an independent daily newspaper located in Kuopio; the main circulation areas are northern and Southern Savonia in Eastern Finland. Savon Sanomat reaches about 227,000 readers via printed and electronic versions. Savon Sanomat is part of the Keskisuomalainen Oy Group.


Karjalainen is the eleventh largest newspaper in Finland. It reaches 140,000 readers with its print and electronic editions and is the leading media in North Karelia. Founded in 1874, it is the third oldest Finnish language newspaper in Finland. Karjalainen is part of the Pohjois-Karjalan Kirjapaino Group.

Etelä-Suomen Sanomat

Etelä-Suomen Sanomat is the seventh largest newspaper in Finland. It reaches about 112,000 readers with print and electronic versions in the Päijät-Häme region of Southern Finland. The publication is celebrating its 112th anniversary this year.

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