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The choice of the professionals

The versatile software developed by Anygraaf's personnel has altogether over 200 customers in Finland: newspapers varying from small local papers to newspapers with more than one hundred editors, printing offices, news agencies, image agencies and book publishers.

Customer oriented

Anygraaf views clients not as customers, but as partners. We define our success as the sum of our customers’. That’s why we take the time to listen to our customers and work with them to develop the tools they need to effectively meet their needs. We don’t build what we think is the best solution, we build what our customers tell us is the best solution to do their work.

Experience in system development

The team responsible for the development of Anygraaf products offers more than 20 years of experience producing solutions for the publishing industries. Today, more than 15,000 users of Anygraaf’s content and financial management systems are at work meeting their organizations’ publishing needs throughout Europe and North America.

Knallebladet case study

Knallebladet (KB) is a small publishing firm that is confronting two very typical challenges. First, how to take advantage of increased opportunity in their market. Second, how to not only acquire the necessary technology, but also to maximize their investment and adoption of that technology by their staff.

Founded in 1995, KB is a free weekly that is distributed on Wednesdays. The papers circulates 25,900 copies every second week and 12,900 copies each week during the rest of the month. Its target market is around Herrljunga, near Gothenburg, Sweden. The area covers a population of <what is the population>. KB was founded as a shopper or Total Market Coverage (TMC) product, but after several years they began adding editorial content and now their product features 30-40% editorial text in each issue. The editorial text is hyper-local and covers topics ranging from sports to family interest.

KB has a firm grip on the advertising market in the region, and they don´t have any strong competition from other circulated newspapers. Their clients run local ads for companies in the region, and they don´t have many national ads.

KB has five employees, 2 in ad sales, 2 in ad production and one reporter, they also accept articles from freelancers and private persons. Being efficient and effective within a small staff can be an even bigger challenge for an operation this size than it is for larger publishers.

Starting point:

Anygraaf began working with KB in 2013. KB had been looking for an advertising system for some time, but solutions were deemed too expensive for a small company. They identified and understood the need to work more efficiently throughout the cycle from ad sales, to the printing house and on their web site.

KB was using InDesign, with a file-based workflow on one internal server to manage their articles, ads and images. KB was also using their general ledger accounting system as an advertisement booking/production system with less than optimal results.

Editorial part

KB was using a product call Drumdar for the website, this included an epaper component. The connection to the website was a very laborious process, manually copying articles and images to the website. The production of the epaper was also very manual. KB had to manually send over the pdf-pages and execute the linking on the website for every issue.

Ad part

The ad-booking part in KB`s accounting system was a able to book ads but there was no connection to any production planning and no CRM-capabilities. Instead of being the digital starting point for ad production, the accounting system was a silo of critical information that didn’t serve downstream workflow or drive continued ad sales.

Solution from Anygraaf:

To help KB, Anygraaf provided an integrated solution that includes the AProfit, Neo and Planner systems.

Anygraaf´s primary goal for KB’s installation was to minimize the amount of installation/training time and to use remote installation as much as possible. Anygraaf focused on informing KB what was included in the project, and which features they would implement. There was a deliberate effort to not to try to explain everything the system is able to do, but rather to address KB’s needs with specific function and practices. “KB’s staff knew their responsibilities and were used to completing them with fewer resources. Showing them capabilities within AProfit and Planner that would maintain their data’s integrity while informing better decisions was Anygraaf’s priority,” said Anygraaf CEO Hannu Inberg. The Anygraaf project team developed a very strong picture how KB was working before and Anygraaf solutions would help them to accomplish their short and long term goals.

Editorial part

KB’s former process included a great deal of manual work for composing a page with articles, ads and images. The product of their labor did not deliver an accurate or in any way dynamic structure of the completed newspaper. Their work resulted in multiple files using disparate templates for each section in InDesign. Anygraaf helped them to determine a few categories for articles like Nyheter (news), Händer i bygden (What is happening in the neighborhood). After that, the team went through the article structure, typefaces, etc. and all this was done by telephone or remote installation and while generating a project document with question and answers from KB.

Once the majority of the setup was completed by Anygraaf’s Swedish office, onsite training was scheduled with one day of superuser training, then one day of general user training. The publication was up and running after two days of training.

Ad part

The same process was followed for the implementation of AProfit. A general project document guided the tasks providing all of the information needed for ad sizes, prices and publishing dates from KB. All setup was achieved with training taking three days.

Business benefits:

KB will experience several benefits including:

Better planning. KB will now be able to book ads over a longer period with increase insertion data; they will have a much better overview of the booked ad and their sales cycle.

Better design of the paper, delivering pre-defined sections in Planner.

Faster page-makeup, Planner and Aprofit makes the page-makeup much faster, KB can now book ads into sections or classifications and also using sections for their article-planning.

Future plans:

KB is already looking ahead to its website and Anygraaf and KB are already discussing the potential website management solutions that are possible including ePlanner. This would be offered as a Saas solution with Anygraaf providing a complete hosted solution.

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