Managing a network of over 3,000 paperboys across Finland, SSM leverages CDProfit to seamlessly connect sales data and delivery logistics. This innovative system not only streamlines the creation of work-orders but also employs sophisticated mapping technologies, including Google Maps, to optimize delivery routes and manage various operational facets such as panel management, claim handling, job vacancies, and real-time delivery tracking.

This integration, particularly with SalesForce, has enabled SSM to automate and refine its delivery processes, translating into improved delivery accuracy and streamlined customer service. SSM's delivery network reaches approximately 2.15 million households and handles around 600 million distribution products annually.

Thanks to a comprehensive user rights and roles concept, each user only sees the parts of the program that they need to satisfy their area of responsibility. This guarantees effective work with CDProfit throughout the delivery organization.

Key Innovations and Benefits:

• Enhanced Efficiency: Automated work-order generation and delivery mapping significantly reduce manual workload.

• Cost Reduction: Optimized delivery routes and improved operational oversight lead to notable cost savings.

• Advanced Integration: Compatibility with third-party systems facilitates seamless data flow and process automation.

• Comprehensive Management: From delivery tracking to staff management, CDProfit offers a unified solution for complex logistics challenges.

About SSM:

Distribution companies operating all over Finland together with Suomen Suoramainonta Oy constitute SSM Distribution Group. SSM's Distribution Group produces the largest private and nationwide unaddressed distribution network in Finland. Distribution reaches ca. 2.15 million households, and about 600 million distribution products go through the distribution network every year.

About Anygraaf:

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